Supporting innovative educational opportunities and academic excellence.

About The Foundation

The Laingsburg Educational Advancement Foundation is a non-profit organization formed in 1992 to provide funding for innovative educational opportunities and to maintain academic excellence. Since it was founded, thanks to its many contributors, LEAF has received contributions of more than $400,000. Such positive participation signals to the foundation the community-wide support for enhancement of educational opportunities in our schools.

Making A Difference

Consistent with its goals, LEAF has provided more than 184 grants, making possible many projects and activities that are not ordinarily available in a school budget. These range from interactive software for physics to a solar energy demonstration station to an elementary school fine arts program. The foundation's ability to provide opportunities for stimulating and innovative learning in our schools is the direct result of the contributions it receives from the community. Therefore, to maintain an ongoing process of educational growth and advancement, the foundation must continue to seek contributions on a regular basis. Contributions to LEAF are tax-deductible at the federal level, for those who itemize.

Thank You

Laingsburg schools, teachers, staff and students are a source of pride to everyone in our community. The generous contributions given to LEAF by individuals, organizations and businesses are an investment in our children, the most promising resource for the future. The Laingsburg Educational Advancement Foundation thanks you for your support.