About Our Grants

2016-17 Grant Cycle

Applications for the 2017-18 academic year are closed. Please visit our Grant Forms page for links to the application, grant criteria, and samples of successful grant applications from previous years. 2018-19 grant apps will be due Nov. 20.

LEAF's Board meets in early December to review the applications and award grants. All technology-related grants are first reviewed by the district's tech committee, which gives direction to our board as we consider how, or if, to fund those types of projects.

Questions? Contact Grant Committee Chair Dane Nickols at 517-230-0381.

2017-18 LEAF Grant Recipients

Project Recipient
Impression 5 Hands On Learning Journey Amy Elliot, Elementary Teacher
Meridian Historical Village Learning Journey Andrea Green, Elementary Teacher
Link Up Carnegie @ Wharton Center Steven Easterling, Elementary Teacher
Annie's BIG Nature Lesson Chris Samson, Elementary Teacher
Big History Lesson Dean Myer, Elementary Teacher
Disc Seats Andrea Green, Elementary Teacher
High Interest, Low-Readability Books Erin Behrendt,Elementary Teacher
Girl's In Steam Dean Myer, Elementary Teacher
5th Grade Captain's Wristbands Dean Myer, Elementary Teacher
Science Olympiad Team Development Becky Malaski, Middle School Teacher
Density Cube Sets Terra Tomlinson, Middle School Teacher
Broadcast Studio Enhancements Angela Clark-Pohlod, Middle School Teacher
Creating Classroom Makers & Creative Thinkers Angela Clark-Pohlod, Middle School Teacher
Graphing Calculators Shawn Baynes, High School Teacher
Visual Communications/Wolf News Equipment Paul Garrett, High School Teacher
Online Ed Equipment Paul Garrett, High School Teacher
Physics Lab Equipment Paul Garrett, High School Teacher
Yikes! That Is Not Safe! (Drama) Jennifer Strickland, High School Teacher
‘STEAMing’ Up Math & Science W/ Keva Planks Michelle Cousineau
Dessert With Young Artist

Elena Hebert, High School Teacher