Grant Photos and Videos

We will add photos and videos of the awesome programs we fund as we have them. Thanks to our teachers for their extra time and effort to go above and beyond for our kids!

Laingsburg third graders have taken part in Annie's BIG Nature Lesson for several years. This is an opportunity for teachers, students, and parent helpers to take their classroom to the outdoors. For five consecutive days, third graders travel to Lansing area nature centers. While there, they learn about their surroundings and the many wonders of the outdoors! LEAF is delighted to help fund these unique learning experiences. Please follow the included link to learn more about Annie's Big Nature Lesson.


LEAF purchased thirty Chromebooks for English-Language Arts classrooms in the third grade and middle school.  The design of Chromebooks allows students to easily create and collaborate across grade levels as well as buildings.

Third grade and middle school students are currently partnering up and learning together! The older students are able to mentor younger students through the writing processes and do peer-editing.  Both students are benefiting. The ability to apply and teach others is to truly master knowledge.  There is also time set aside where students get to meet face to face and build bonds together!

This technology promotes a well-structured individualized learning environment, enhances self-initiated learners, and assists in the mastering of typing skills.  Also, the collaborative work is improving communication and social skills.



New wireless Bluetooth iPad keyboards made it easier for Laingsburg Middle School students to use their iPads for writing and research assignments. In addition to funding the keyboards, LEAF's grant allowed teacher Lisa Kingsbury to purchase a storage cabinet so the units would stay organized and protected when not in use.

The wireless keyboards have been a big hit with the students. Here's the feedback from Mrs. Kingsbury:

"The keyboards all arrived and were greeted with much excitement. The cabinet is a huge help in allowing the students to find the correct keyboard.  The first day they were assigned numbers for English class so that their keyboards could sync properly each day when they come to class. It has worked well. Some students use them every day. Others prefer them only when we are working on something larger than the daily journal. One observation that has really pleased me is that it seems to be some of my students who were more reluctant to write who get the keyboards out on a consistent basis. They are doing a bit more writing for me with the keyboard. Thank you so much for all you do to support learning in our schools!"

Items from the new K-5 Science Kits, funded jointly by LEAF and the Laingsburg Lions Club

VIDEO - Elementary Teacher Melissa Coleman demonstrates one of the interactive tools in the new K-5 Science Kits.