Who We Are

Since 1992, the Laingsburg Educational Advancement Foundation has provided more than 184 grants worth more than $360,000 to support educational advancements in Laingsburg schools.

The Laingsburg Educational Advancement Foundation is a public, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. Its purpose is to supplement funding available to the Laingsburg Community Schools in order to create innovative educational opportunities and maintain academic excellence. Foundation funding is provided by contributions from individuals, organizations, and businesses who are committed to educational excellence in Laingsburg Schools. We also hold an endowment with the Capital Region Community Foundation.

What type of projects does LEAF support?

  • Special classroom projects that encourage excellence through innovative teaching and learning.
  • Grants for special seminars, clinics and programs that promote citizenship and welfare of students.
  • Technology grants aimed at bridging the gap between school and the world of work.
  • Projects for enhancement and beautification of landscaping at each facility.

Who serves the foundation?

Community leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise who have an interest in providing the "extras" in education for students at Laingsburg Schools. The foundation board directs the use of its funds consistent with the educational goals, priorities and strategies of the school district, but operates entirely independent of the Laingsburg Board of Education.